Neo Matloga, Mokibelo, 2020 © Neo Matloga, Courtesy of Stevenson, Cape Town and Johannesburg , Photography: Nina Lieska

We just want to be closer
Singarum J. Moodley and Neo. I. Matloga
24.10.21 – 13.02.22

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Alongside the coronavirus pandemic, the past year has been dominated by the protests of the Black Lives Matter movement and a new consciousness about structural racism and discrimination.


The exhibition brings together two South African artists who tell a story about tolerance and social proximity. Neo Image Matloga was born in 1993 and grew up amidst post-apartheid South Africa and the hope for a democratic future in the mid 1990s. With his collaged paintings he transforms the Lippold Galleries into a huge stage happening that proclaims a world of social and political justice and freedom.

Up to his death in 1987, Singarum Jeevaruthnam Moodley (*1922) ran a photographic studio that served as a refuge for the anti-apartheid movement. His studio portraits provide intimate views of an intercultural society that moves with great ease between traditional tribal culture and western pop culture. His pictures appear more topical today than ever, and are like a harbinger of Matloga’s hybrid characters that fill the interior spaces with high-spirited joie de vivre.

The exhibition is created in collaboration with the curator Wiebke Hahn, Berlin.



Neo. I. Matloga, Singarum J. Moodley


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