Neo I. Matloga, Sontaga, 2021, Collage, Kohle und Tusche auf Leinwand, 300 x 600 cm © Neo Matloga, Courtesy of Stevenson Amsterdam, Foto: Jonathan de Waart

We just want to be closer
Singarum J. Moodley and Neo I. Matloga

24.10.2021 –

Two South African artists of different generations open in the Lippold Gallery a multi-layered narrative about freedom and self-determination.


Neo Image Matloga grew up in the period after Apartheid and with the hope of a democratic future. In his collaged paintings he creates scenarios and characters far from conventional concepts of identity and gender. The photographic studio of Singarum Jeevaruthnam Moodley was a place of refuge for the anti-Apartheid movement. Unlike the political photography of the resistance, his portraits from the 1970s/80s reflect yearning, pride, playfulness and defiance, which finds its contemporary continuation in Matloga’s pictures between closeness and conflict. The colonial view gave rise to structures of differentiation whose artificiality is subtly but expressively exposed by Moodley and Matloga.

The exhibition is created in collaboration with and based on an idea by the curator Dr. Wiebke Hahn, Berlin.



Neo I. Matloga, Singarum J. Moodley

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