Peter Kogler, Ohne Titel, 2018 ©️ Der Künstler

Our approach

We regard our educational work at Marta Herford as a way of building bridges between visitors and art, as a communication platform for lively dialogue, and as a source of information.

We welcome the diversity of our visitors and cater to it with a wide range of activities. Do you have plenty of time to spend? Or would you prefer a short, informative tour of the exhibition? Are you keen to find out about the museum’s architecture? Are you coming with your family or a group, or will you be viewing the works of art individually? Perhaps you’d like to get artistically creative yourself, or discuss the exhibition themes with artists and experts. We’ve come up with a variety of dialogues, workshops, guided tours, participatory art works, and exhibition tours. A team of experienced art educators with various professional and academic backgrounds is at your service!

The museum’s architecture and the art exhibitions are thought-provoking places of learning for children of all ages and students. Participants young and old can delve into new areas of art both theoretically and above all practically while experiencing culture as a vibrant, important element of society. Our friendly art educators impart their expertise in workshops and projects with empathy and enthusiasm.

We hope your visit to Marta Herford proves to be a stimulating experience!

The Marta Education Team