Celebrating children’s birthdays at Marta

For children, a birthday is an incredibly special day. How about replacing the usual party games for a change by spending it in a totally different way – for example at Marta Herford? It’s bound to make any child’s birthday an unforgettable experience!


Surprise birthday

Together the children discover the variety of artworks in the exhibitions: Drawings, photographs, paintings and sculptures tell stories. Inspired by the themes of the exhibition, the children can try out and implement their own ideas in drawings, prints, paintings or sculptures in the Marta atelier.


Architecture birthday

Around the Marta building, which is rich in form, and even in the midst of it, there is much to discover and marvel at, for example crooked walls, hidden windows and high rooms. After an exploration tour through the imaginative Marta architecture, the experiences and impressions can be implemented in your own fantastic drawings, paintings and models.


Workshop birthday

The Marta atelier is a special place. Here you will find paper, cardboard, pencils, paints, shapes and much more to encourage artistic creation and make you want to try out new things together with your friends; for example, in a print, paint or paper workshop.


Age from 6 years

Duration 120 minutes

Costs 110 euros

Registration up to seven days before the respective date by e-mail () or by phone at 05221.994430-0 www.marta-herford.de, limited number of participants

Further information:

Tel 05221.99 44 30-0
(Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm)

Bookings by e-mail (bildung @marta-herford.de) or by telephone at 05221.994430-0.


Meeting point: Marta lobby

Please note that our staff are booked individually for each session. If you’re delayed for any reason, please let us know without delay by calling +49 (0)5221 9944300.

All tour participants must pay the applicable admission fee (see admission prices). The cancellation fee is 80% for cancellations within 3 calendar days before the planned event and 100% on the actual day. Please note that if workshops are delayed due to late arrival, there is a surcharge of 15% for each quarter of an hour of this delay.

Status: December 2020. We reserve the right to make alterations.