Important information

Dear Visitors,

We are delighted to announce that our museum will be reopening to the public on 19 May with changed opening times and an extended program. During this special time we want to ensure that your visit to the Marta is as safe and pleasant as possible. In the following we have summarized all important information on our “protection and hygiene concept” as well as the new measures within the framework of the reopening. You can also download the complete concept here. Please take note that a visit to the museum is currently only possible subject to compliance with these measures.

We look forward to seeing you!
Your Marta team

The most important facts regarding the reopening

New opening times from July 1, 2020:

Tuesday – Thursday from 11 am to 6 pm
Friday from 11 am to 8 pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holiday from 11 am to 6 pm

Due to the current situation, Marta22 will not be taking place until further notice.

The kupferbar has adjusted its opening times:
Tuesday – Thursday from 11 am to 5.00 pm
Friday from 11 am to 8 pm
Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm
Sunday from 10 am to 6.30 pm

For further information on the opening times there and the applicable hygiene measures, please see the Facebook page. Reservations will be taken by the team around Moritz Weber at 05221- 58 94 77 0.

Access to the museum is only possible with appropriate mouth-nose covering (scarf, cloth, community mask or everyday mask). This rule does not apply to children who have not yet started school or to persons who for medical reasons are unable to wear mouth-nose covering. Visitors without a mask can purchase a disposable mask at the museum cash desk.

Visitors enter and leave the building exclusively via the respectively separated doors in the main entrance. All other entrances and exits will remain closed. An exception to this is the exit via the kupferbar; re-entering the museum is then only possible, however, through the main entrance. A guide system in the museum will ensure that direct, oncoming contact between visitors is avoided.

Admission tickets can be purchased at the museum cash desk. Card payment is preferred for all monetary transactions. The submission of your contact data before entering the exhibitions serves only for the possible tracking of infection transmission chains if necessary. This information will not be processed or stored by us, and will be deleted again 14 days after your visit.

The maximum number of persons allowed to be present simultaneously in the museum is separated into three areas as follows: in the Lobby area 50 persons, in the Gehry Galleries 70 persons, in the Lippold Gallery 15 persons. The Marta Forum is also open for guided architectural tours with up to 10 persons. In addition, special museum events and externally booked, closed events can be held with the attendee numbers for events permitted in accordance with § 13 of the German Coronavirus Protection Law (CoronaSchVO).

All visitors can sanitize their hands after entering the museum at the sanitizer dispensers located in the entrance area and at the lockers. In addition, there are also dispensers in the toilets and in the Marta Atelier. Frequently touched surfaces in the public areas will be cleaned at regular intervals. Persons must maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from each other. In the waiting areas there are markings on the floor to facilitate this. There are also markings where paths cross to ensure proper distancing. For your protection and that of our staff we request absolute compliance with coughing and sneezing etiquette and regular hand washing. Please only visit the museum if you feel perfectly healthy.

The current exhibition “Glass and Concrete – Manifestations of the Impossible” will be extended until 04.10.2020. Please note that the extension of the exhibition durations will lead to changes in Marta’s annual program. Here you will find a current preview of the coming exhibitions.

Dates and further information about our educational offers can be found here.

The art education programs in the exhibition rooms during the opening times shall take place in closed groups in the form of booked guided tours and workshops for a maximum of 10 persons and 1 art educator. In the case of practical exercises that require a lower min-imum social distance between persons, minimum contact and brisk implementation should be observed. Prior hand washing or sanitizing and the use of gloves where appropriate are obligatory.

For workshops, the art explorer program and children’s birthdays in the Atelier, a maxi-mum of 8 persons shall be permitted. Parents/guardians are requested to leave the children at the correspondingly marked entrance and to collect them at the separate exit.
A requirement for participation is the consent of the parents/guardians with regard to the protection and hygiene rules in the Marta Herford.

Mask wearing is obligatory for all persons as of 10 years old in the Atelier; the mask can be removed at the work stations. Only 1 person at a time may be in the entrance area, the cloakroom, at the hand washbasins and in the toilets.

Attendance data will be collected to allow contact person tracing in accordance with § 2a (1) of the CoronaSchVO. Alongside the contact data, the attendance times and the membership of certain fixed reference groups (for example schools or kindergartens) will be recorded. This data will be fully deleted in compliance with data protection regulations after a period of 4 weeks.

Special traceability in accordance with § 2a (2) is ensured by a fixed seating plan with designated work stations. Every participant receives their own personal work kit (scissors, adhesive etc.). All jointly used items and rooms will be cleaned regularly. Constant sufficient ventilation of all the rooms used will be ensured.

Events can currently only take place to a limited extent. Please inform yourself about the offer in our event calendar.

The Forum on the ground floor and the seminar rooms on the 3rd floor will be reopened exclusively for events with closed groups. In this case, fixed bookings with the submission of contact data for the purpose of tracing an infection chain are obligatory. For the entire event area, the wearing of a mask in accordance with §2 CoronaSchVO is obligatory when leaving the seat. The mask can be removed when seated.

Access to the Forum is permitted without restriction subject to the rules for general visitor traffic. The maximum number of persons with simple traceability in compliance with the minimum social distancing in the Forum is 47 persons with parliamentary-style seating, and 65 persons with seating in rows. With the maximum number of persons permitted in accordance with § 13 for events and gatherings, and the space-permitting seating of a maximum of 240 persons in rows, or a maximum of 120 persons in the parliamentary-style arrangement, the visitors will sit in designated seats in order to ensure special traceability in accordance with § 2a (2) CoronaSchVO. For this purpose, a seating plan will be drawn up specifically for the respective event. The organizers decide at their own discretion which of the traceability concepts is to be used. At maximum capacity, a separate exit from the event room will be provided.

Access to the seminar room area on the 3rd floor is permitted exclusively through the main entrance and the large goods lift. In this case, the visitors will be brought in closed groups of up to 10 persons up to the event area in the company of a member of staff. Visitors will leave the event area on the 3rd floor via the public stairs (between the museum area and the kupferbar in the Marta). There are hand sanitization points in the toilet corridor at the entrance to the stairs. The visitors are requested to remain mainly in the seminar room. The seating can only be hired in parliamentary-style arrangement for a maximum of 36 persons. For traceability pursuant to § 2a (1) CoronaSchVO, a plan will be drawn up with designated seats and collection of all contact data of the visitors. For the use of the toilet (jointly with the Marta staff), a toilet service will be put in place to make sure that only one person at a time can use the toilets, and that the toilets are cleaned at regular intervals. In order to ensure the required good ventilation of the rooms, the recommended supply of fresh air will be regulated by keeping the windows tilted open.

Catering will only be possible on an individual basis in the event rooms of the forum or the seminar room. There will be no service points in the corridor areas, while food and drinks will only be served on the tables at the seats; a buffet arrangement is not possible. Visitors to the seminar area can take more substantial meals (lunch and more than snacks) in the kupferbar in the Marta. These and other culinary offers have to be agreed separately in the kupferbar in the Marta (in accordance with § 14 – CoronaSchVO for the catering sector) with the leaseholder.

The Marta Shop will reopen from July 1st, taking into account the hygiene concept, and can be accessed in the direction of the signposting system. There is, however, a special sales area with the most popular articles in a surprising #weareback-edition.

Please note that there may still be delays in handling online orders in the Marta-Shop

Our staff is available onsite to deal with any further questions or uncertainties or by telephone at: 05221 – 99 44 30 0 or e-mail