Pedro Reyes, The Museum of Hypothetical Lifetimes, 2011–heute/present, Courtesy Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) St. Louis, Foto/Photo: David Johnson.

Pedro Reyes: Sociatry
With a stage for Lina Bo Bardi

26.03.2022 –

In a first extensive exhibition in Europe, the Marta Herford presents the Mexican artist Pedro Reyes, who caused an international sensation in 2012 inter alia with his major installation “Sanatorium” at the Kassel dOCUMENTA (13). As an interdisciplinary border crosser, Reyes is engaged in the promotion of the social effectiveness of art, architecture and design.


With his sculptural practice against violence as well as for an intensive community engagement, he opens up highly topical perspectives which at the same time bridge the gap to theatre, political activism and psychology. The term “Sociatry” was coined by the social scientist Jacob Levy Moreno, who developed a series of therapies for the healing of society. As well as several large groups of works, there are also contributions produced especially for this exhibition that allow the visitors to participate actively.

In addition to this, the artist prepares the stage for an extensive presentation of drawings, photographs, and models of the Italian-Brazilian architect, Lina Bo Bardi, who died in 1992. She anticipated many of today’s urgent topics. By putting conventional value concepts to the test and asking the question as to how Latin-American principles can be transferred to a different global context, the projects give rise to dialogues beyond time and space.

Curatorial advice for the project on Lina Bo Bardi: Julieta González

For the “Island at Marta”, Robert Barta built the walk-in installation „Sensing the wave“ (2022), which playfully deals with movement and unusual perspectives.



Pedro Reyes, Lina Bo Bardi, Robert Barta

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