Yvonne Roeb, Housed, 2016

Marta Maps
New Routes through the Collection

06.03.2022 –

Apart from the art history point of view, there are many different perspectives from which we can look at works of art. We can focus on formal characteristics, just as on narrative aspects, restoration issues or the undistorted view of children. Depending on our interests and background, there are many different paths through an exhibition.


What can we discover, therefore, when we decide on a certain route from the beginning? The works in the Marta Collection come together to form a symbolic map on which you can follow various thematic routes. Art thus becomes a matter of open experience and insight: we can be guided from work to work by the thoughts of the well-known author, Wladimir Kaminer, or by the descriptions from a child’s point of view, as well as on a tour that gives us a look behind the scenes of museum work.

A route text is created in cooperation with the Herringhausen Primary School, Herford.



Carla Accardi, Mona Ardeleanu, Stephan Balkenhol, Guillaume Bruère, Paolo Chiasera, Mark Dion, Andrea Fogli, Markus Huemer, Ulrike Lienbacher, DeAnna Maganias, Yvonne Roeb, Norbert Schwontkowski, Nedko Solakov, Julia Steiner, Patrick Tuttofuoco, Kaari Upson, Anna Vogel

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