Ein durch die Lupe abfototgrafiertes Foto.
Kathrin Sonntag, The Travelling Eye, 2024, Digitale Bildprojektion auf Basis der Fotografien von Gabriele Münter, mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Gabriele Münter- und Johannes Eichner-Stiftung, München

Kathrin Sonntag and Gabriele Münter The Travelling Eye

08.06.2024 –

The photographs of the Expressionist Gabriele Münter (*1877 in Berlin, † 1962 in Murnau) are being shown for the first time in her family’s home town of Herford. The contemporary artist Kathrin Sonntag (*1981 in Berlin, lives ibid.) will focus on them, bringing her own photographs into dialogue with those of Münter.

Primarily known as a painter and graphic artist from the Blauer Reiter circle, Gabriele Münter created an oeuvre of outstanding photographs early on. The exhibition focusses in particular on her first photographs, which were taken on a trip to the USA in 1899/1900. This comprehensive photographic oeuvre is an important testimony to Münter’s eye and her handling of the composition of lines and surfaces. The artist’s choice and staging of motifs open up an impressive view of her well-known oeuvre.

For the exhibition, the artist Kathrin Sonntag has been invited to engage with these photographs. Kathrin Sonntag became known for her installations, which place her own and found photographic material in a spatial dialogue. In her work with the medium of photography, she pursues questions that deal with both the conditions and the pitfalls of visual perception. For the exhibition, the artist follows in the footsteps of Gabriele Münter between Herford, Munich and Murnau, but also delves into the depths of her own photographic archive.

The exhibition will be shown at the Ravensburg Art Museum from November 2025.

With thanks to the Gabriele Münter- und Johannes-Eichner-Stiftung.

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