Tobias Zielony, Maria, 2017, from the series 'Maskirvoka'

Tobias Zielony
Dark Data

12.11.2022 –

The photographer and video artist Tobias Zielony (born in 1973 in Wuppertal, lives in Berlin) explores darkness as a physical, social and metaphorical phenomenon. The solo exhibition Dark Data explores the space between the illuminating moment of an image and the hidden information within it.

In his work “Maskirovka” (2017), the artist portrayed the LGBTQIA+ and techno scene in Kiev. The seemingly innocent images are today overshadowed by the burden of war. Shot through a telescope, and repeatedly dissolving into digital noise, the images of the video work “Hurd’s Bank” (2020) form the backdrop to a speculative investigation into the connection between the murder of a female journalist and oil smuggling off the coast of Malta. Meanwhile, the current project Blackbox “Wolfen” (2022) is based on research into the GDR film factory ORWO. Light and dark are themes both as technical conditions of photography and film production, and metaphorically when it comes to seeing the working conditions and global economic links. In addition, the exhibition presents the new work “Watching TV in Narva” (2022), which takes the artist to the Estonian-Russian border, where he follows the effects of the war in Ukraine in the mirror of media and propaganda.

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