Benjamin Katz, Oostduinkerke (Detail), 2003 © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2020

Benjamin Katz
07.02. – 16.05.2021

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The photographer Benjamin Katz is world famous in particular for his artist portraits. But behind this there is an immense oeuvre of independent, personal pictures that have yet to be discovered.


At the centre of the exhibition stands the infallible, alert gaze of Benjamin Katz, whose photography often skilfully looks past the obvious in order to find the little sensations in the incidental. In around 150 black-and-white photographs various themes are apparent: humorous looks at street scenes and the exuberant abundance of a scrapyard are just as important as strict, typological groups, for example windows or flower still lifes. The focus is often on the concept of transience. Over many years Katz returned again and again to the same places and captured the change in pictures. It is this narrative seeing and showing in particular that opens up a unique view of the life’s work of the legendary artist photographer.



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