Sama Alshaibi: Sihr Halal (Permissible magic), 2014, © Sama Alshaibi, Courtesy Ayyam Gallery, Dubai

Suspended Territories
Artists from Middle East and North Africa

24.06.2017 –

The exhibition collects pointed insights into the work of nine artists from the Arabian-Persian region, but who now live mainly in the West. Their artistic forms of expression are condensed with biographical links to a multilayered, highly interesting picture of questioning identity and belonging.


The desert as a place of spiritual retreat, a video archive of personal memories of the horrors of the Lebanon War, a female Superman in Tunisia demanding a state for Super-Tunisians. A lot of things are in upheaval in the Arabian countries and in Iran, and not only in recent times. Old geopolitical borders are shifting and creating a vacuum between the opposing forces. Confrontations of aesthetic images with political ideas are made visible.


Arwa Abouon (*1982 Libyen – Kanada), Mounira Al Solh (*1978 Libanon – Niederlande), Morehshin Allahyari (*1985 Iran – USA), Sama Alshaibi (*1973 Irak – USA), Moufida Fedhila (*1977 Tunesien – Frankreich), Saba Innab (*1980 Jordanien), Lamia Joreige (*1972 Libanon), Amina Menia (*1976 Algerien), Ala Younis (*1974 Jordanien)

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