Lothar Götz: Vision of a Corner (Detail), 2013

An Atmosphere of Change

25.05.2013 –

For the first time an exhibition is dedicated extensively to the phenomenon of vision in contemporary art. In what way does it differ from the utopia, what energies does it hold for the active shaping of the future?


Inspired by the first apparition of the Virgin Mary north of the Alps, the Herford apparition from the 10th century, “Visions” embarks on an unconventional, highly stimulating journey through a wide range of contexts and phenomena, allowing the viewer to trace the spirit and the atmosphere of visionary thought and formation. Arising from inner worlds, visions bring to light a changeable reality. What effects are generated by visions? Why is it that they are so shrouded in mystery? What is revealed here is an almost infinite potential.

Visions arise on the borderline between known and unknown worlds: Visions articulate wishes and demands, attempting thus to intervene in current affairs. Artists in particular have a great sensitivity to visionary discoveries. They open up new images of the future and illuminate hitherto unknown scope for action.



Franz Ackermann, Francis Alÿs, Benjamin Bergmann, Michaël Borremans, Guillaume Bruère, Mel Chin, Walter Dahn, Christoph Dettmeier, Felix Droese, Carola Ernst, Andrea Fogli, Andrew Gilbert, Lothar Götz, Jana Gunstheimer, David Hammons, Steven C. Harvey, Jeppe Hein, Peggy & Thomas Henke, Christian Jankowski, Almut Linde, Christof Mascher, E. S. Mayorga, Gianni Motti, Matt Mullican, Mwangi Hutter, Panamarenko, Dan Perjovschi, Ulrich Pester, Anne-Julie Raccoursier, Werner Reiterer, Thomas Ruff, Andreas Slominski, Johanna Tiedtke, Jorinde Voigt, Lawrence Weiner

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