Hiwa K, The Bell, 2015, war metal waste, wood, 179x220x150 cm, installation view KOW 2021, courtesy the artist and KOW, photo: Ladislav Zajac

Long Gone, Still Here
Sound as Medium

05.11.2023 –

The international group exhibition “Long Gone, Still Here – Sound as Medium” is part of the programmatic reorientation of the Museum Marta Herford to position itself as a place of synaesthetic experience in the future.

The exhibition focuses on multi-sensory installations in which artists explore the human experience of hearing or not hearing or hearing differently. They deal with the immaterial medium of sound in its physical dimension and use its potential to create inner images through what is heard, to awaken memories and to determine the spatial experience. In addition, the exhibition also addresses the experience of ​Deaf and hard of hearing people of being structurally and systematically excluded in the majority society of hearing people.


Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller, Jeremy Deller, Gina Folly, Hiwa K, Mikhail Karikis, Hassan Khan, Christine Sun Kim, Ghislaine Leung, Michaela Melián, Olaf Nicolai, Lydia Ourahmane, Susan Philipsz, Adrian Piper, Aviva Silverman, Liza Sylvestre, Sung Tieu and Hannah Weinberger

In the context of the exhibition, Marta Herford celebrates its 10th anniversary with the format Marta philharmonic – a cooperation with the Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie.


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