Heinrich Holtgreve: Eigenbedarf, 2009-2013 (Ausstellungsansicht)

Useable Areas

16.06.2013 –

For the third time the Marta Herford takes a look at the works of artists with biographical links with the region Ostwestfalen-Lippe (OWL). In the juxtaposition of different perspectives, the group exhibition develops an exciting dialogue.


Usually only used in the context of agriculture or buildings, the term “Nutzflächen”, or “useable areas” is given a new meaning in the mirror of art. The exhibition extends this term to the artistic sphere by putting it – beyond all functional purpose – in relation to the place of presentation, to the meaning of displays, right up to the projection surfaces in the minds of the artist and the observer.

Whether as idyllic Arcadias, mysterious primeval forest, as a public green area or as an empty space in an urban environment – the usable space is processed by art to become a symbol for the dichotomy between utopian world concepts and an unfulfilled longing for harmony between man and nature. Technical innovations such as navigation devices or Google Maps with their almost gapless visual models of our earth are hardly capable of providing an adequate view of the world. In our present-day confusion between “local” and “global”, artistic mappings can make the invisible visible and contribute towards achieving a personal definition of location.

In the run-up to this exhibition in 2012, the project „The borehole to New Zealand“ by the artist Ralf Witthaus took place with great media attention.



Heinrich Holtgreve, Frederik Kochbeck, Cem Kozcuer, Gabriele Münter, Axel Plöger, Jan Philip Scheibe, Heidi Specker, Tina Tonagel, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Ralf Witthaus

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