Franz Erhard Walther: Werkvorführung mit den "Probenähungen", 2012 ©VG-Bildkunst, Bonn 2016

Marta Intermezzo
Museum in Motion
08. – 15.06.2014

For one time Marta Herford will be extending its renovation pause in the large exhibition rooms by a week for a spectacular intermezzo.


For the first time, the exhibition rooms created by Frank Gehry will themselves be the focus of attention within the framework of numerous artistic projects. In addition to this, the great pioneer of interactive sculpture, Franz Erhard Walther, will stage the complete complex of works of the “Schreit¬bahnen” [Stride Plinths]in the Marta Dome as a performance with audience participation over several days. He already staged a grandiose installation here in 2011.

The sweeping rooms can be perceived not only with the naked eye, but also with a photo camera, by physical engagement or from an unusual sensual perspective: What is it like to see the Gehry galleries from above, to measure them on skates, running or dancing, or if the light suddenly goes out? Is it possible to hear architecture?

For a whole week the museum will look at its own architecture in the field of tension between the visible and the invisible, light and dark, materiality and immateriality, offering completely new experiences of space for all visitor groups – it will also offer a preview of the major Marta anniversary in 2015.

Marta partners
Many thanks to the Marta Herford Corporate Partners and Corporate Premium Partners as well as the Marta Fund for New Art for their ongoing support of our program.