Konstantin Grcic: Paramount, 2012, commissioned by Architecture for Dogs © Der Künstler, Foto: Hiroshi Yoda
Konstantin Grcic: Paramount, 2012, commissioned by Architecture for Dogs © The Artist, photo: Hiroshi Yoda

Creatures Made to Measure
Animals and Contemporary Design

16.09.2018 –

Factory farming or laboratory meat, cuddly pets or robots in animal form – the relationship between animals and humans is often the subject of hot dispute. How can humans and animals live together sustainably and what possibilities will technology and science open up in the future? Contemporary design has embarked on a revealing search for answers.


Animals have always served an important purpose for humans – whether as food, scientific test object, hunting trophy or playmate. When they are used today as organ donors for humans, or are cultivated in laboratories, we have to ask whether these “creatures” are even still animals at all.

For designers, the animal-human relationship opens up a broad field of activity. In the search for the “right balance” they create products for animals and research possibilities of replacing animal-based raw materials and even the animal itself. At the same time they design scenarios that look into the future.

In cooperation with Tanja Seiner, Munich.

Designers and Artists

Martin Avila, BLESS, Melanie Bonajo, The Center for Genomic Gastronomy, Center for PostNatural History, Marcus Coates / Volker Sommer, Thalia De Jong, Aleksandra Domanović, Konstantin Grcic, Christine Herdin / Katharina Wahl, Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, Silvia Knüppel, Max Kosoric / Sanne Pawelzyk, Dietrich Luft, Christien Meindertsma, Next Nature Network, Ana Rajcevic, Veronica Ranner, Peter Schäfer, Johanna Schmeer, Susana Soares, Sputniko, threeASFOUR, Thomas Thwaites, Marije Vogelzang, Chris Woebken, Pinar Yoldas

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