Blick in die Ausstellung "Obsidian" von Eva & Adele © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2017


10.03.2013 –

For the first time EVA & ADELE present their pencil drawing oeuvre in a comprehensive exhibition. In conjunction with the series of nine vinyl costumes, they provide a haunting, touching view on the radicality of a lifelong performance.


EVA and ADELE come from the future. Since 1991 they have been appearing in the international art world all around the globe, always together, always dressed the same, always smiling, and transforming the places they appear. “Wherever we are is a museum”. Alongside their extensive performance and media works, in recent years they have also appeared in public with a broad artistic oeuvre.

Less well known, however, is the graphic work arising in large cycles and which, particularly in recent times, has become obviously darker and more private. For the first time here EVA & ADELE will be punching holes in the perfect cocoon of their twin identity and using artistic means to grant insights into highly personal matters beyond the sensations of their public appearances.

“Obsidian” is the name for a black, volcanic glass and the title of the first exhibition showing the other side of EVA & ADELE. It draws us into an interim world between pink light and shadows soaked in black.

John Cage’s ‘The Perilous night’ (1944) for prepared piano was performed by Marc Awolin, Bielefeld at the opening.


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