Ernst Caramelle: untitled, Art Unlimited, 2011 / Art Basel 42

Ernst Caramelle
Very angenehme Konzeptkunst

13.05.2018 –

Reality or illusion? The enigmatic murals by the painter Ernst Caramelle simulate three-dimensionality and spatial depth, thus blurring the boundaries between reality and illusion. Where does the artist’s painting end, and where does the exhibition room begin?


The painter Ernst Caramelle, born in 1952 in Tyrol, has been playing with the limits of the visible for more than 40 years now. The individual exhibition in the Marta Herford uses various media to show the oeuvre of this important representative of concept art. With the aid of duplications, symmetries and mirror images, Caramelle’s initially impenetrable murals playfully lead the viewer astray.

His focus lies on the small, inconspicuous changes in the world that are only discovered when we look more closely. His artistic interventions in the existing architecture appear to set these in motion and confront us with a spatial illusion. An exhibition fully in line with Caramelle’s motto: “Everything is in reality not real!”

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