Clemens Krauss: Die Geberin, die nicht zu ihren egomanen Wünschen steht, 2012 (Detail)

Clemens Krauss
It’s Time

31.08.2014 –

The exhibition shows for the first time a broad overview in a museum context of the oeuvre of the Austrian artist (born in 1981 in Graz). The title is quite deliberately and programmatically selected, calling as it does for a break to be made and to use the moment for reflection.


Clemens Krauss is actually a painter. Or a doctor. Or a psychoanalyst. In his work he combines an exuberant and at the same time highly reduced form of painting on canvas, paper and whole walls with sculpture, photography, film and performance. The exhibition will show not only works from his oeuvre up to now but also murals developed especially for the exhibition rooms.

The exhibition develops its special effect through this engagement with the place and in the exchange with the visitors. So individual appointments can be made with the artist throughout the project. It is this very interaction between the personal and the transpersonal, between individual biography and society, that makes the encounter with the diverse and unusual work of Clemens Krauss a highly stimulating and passionate event.

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