Thomas & Renée Rapedius: O.048, 2009 – 2014 © Die Künstler / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018
Thomas & Renée Rapedius: O.048, 2009 – 2014 © The Artists / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018

Eruption from the Surface
The Origami Principle in Art

24.02.2018 –

Flower buds, wings, and even DNA: the world consists of complex folds, bends and crushes. While folding techniques already have a long cultural history, they are now being rediscovered by science and technology. In spatial experiments, as a game with the senses or with artistic experiment set-ups, this exhibition develops an impressive cosmos of contemporary reflections on the dynamic relationship between surface, space and materiality.


Origami forms a bridge between mathematics and art, between planning and chance, between order and creative chaos. These principles are imitated, reflected and further developed by the artists. Unlike classic sculptural approaches, they create spatial constructs without anything being added or removed, solely through the infinite possibilities of deformation of one or several surfaces.

These three-dimensional objects, whether folded, bent, arched, drawn or on the canvas, playfully take over the exhibition room. This gives rise to filigree works, space occupations or conceptual spaces between sensual perceptibility and surprising perspectives, between rebellious opposition and collapsing form.


Mona Ardeleanu, Rana Begum, Julia Bünnagel, Philippe Decrauzat, Iyo Hasegawa, Jürgen Heckmanns, Hans Hemmert, Vanessa Henn, Erika Hock, Meuser, Sarah Morris, Navid Nuur, Michail Pirgelis, Royden Rabinowitch, Thomas & Renée Rapedius, Alke Reeh, Michael Sailstorfer, Albrecht Schäfer, Gabi Schillig, Owen Schuh, Shirana Shahbazi, Carsten Sievers, Kaari Upson, Franz Erhard Walther, Sinta Werner, Claudia Wieser

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Regularly Sat and Sun at noon and 3 pm
Special tour with the curators Tue 06.03., 03.04., 01.05. at 4 pm
Poetic tour Sa 10.03., at 2 pm
Last views with the Director Roland Nachtigäller Sun 03.06. at 3 pm
Ticket 2,50 Euro plus admission, booking not necessary, max. 25 participants


With interventions by Cie. Willi Dorner, Wien during the opening on friday 23.02.18, 07:30 pm.

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