Angelika Heß: Die Seilschaft (Detail)

5th RecyclingDesignAward
Outstanding Ideas

18.02.2012 –

Now in its fifth year, the Recycling Design Prize is awarded for new developments in sustainable design and presents outstanding ideas in a varied exhibition.


In their search for the ‘hidden meaning of discarded items’, entrants’ creativity knows no bounds with their inventive upcycling of long-discarded items coupled with the narrative charm of worn surfaces. The best designs from over 600 submissions have been chosen by an international jury. This special selection will be displayed in Marta Herford before moving on to other venues.



Philipp Bauer, Constance Becker, Anna Bormann, Samuel Coendet, Marina Eggen, Bernhard Faiss, Larissa Frank, Simon Gandler, Julia Gebhardt, Lea Gerber, Patric Günther, Angelika Heß, Sabrina Höllrigl, Axel Huhold, Felix Kaiser, Claudia Kappenberger, Cecil Leonel Karges, Andrea Kessler, Silke Koch, Marek Kostykiewicz, Wolfgang Kowar, Alexandra Lippert, Peter Mahlknecht, Hanna Moosbauer, Waltraud Münzhuber, Lana Niestegge, Stefan Oßwald, Andrè Osthaar, Katarzyna Pawlik, Thomas Schiefer, Valentin Schmitt, Maren Schmitz, Samuel Soetebeer, Marius Temming, Rob Vencl, Juri Welsch, Dirk Wember, Michael Wollke, Maja Zalewska


Following exhibition tour (German)

08.05.–18.06.: Umweltbundesamt, Dessau, Bauhaus Dessau
20.06.–28.07.: stilwerk Berlin
06.08.–02.09.: stilwerk Düsseldorf
17.09.–07.10.: stilwerk Vienna
15.10.–04.11.: stilwerk Hamburg

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