Song Dong: Everywhere, 2016-2017 © Der Künstler

Welcome to the Labyrinth
Artistic Deception
23.06. – 23.09.2018


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The hidden and mysterious disconcert and fascinate us at the same time. Although it is not always easy to stand irritations and visual deceptions, it can actually be a pleasure and a revelation to lose ourselves in unexpected structures. With six large-format room installations, which profoundly alter some parts of the museum building, this exhibition opens up a sensual experience of a very special kind.


From an ornament to the Baroque garden, right up to the hall of mirrors: as deliberate spatial deceptions, labyrinths often serve as entertainment. Although they are misleading, they are based on a hidden order which only becomes clear from the birds-eye view.

In our globalized world, the loss of the overview appears to be an omnipresent, existential issue. Contemporary artists are thus engaging with the labyrinthine, whether as a symbol for a path of life, as a reflection of urban planning structures, or as a metaphor for the highly dynamic data traffic. For the exhibition they transform the interior of the museum into an inspiring tour de force which is critical and humorous, and presents the labyrinthine as a meditative figure of thought and at the same time as a physical experience challenging the senses.



Anne Hardy, Peter Kogler, Christian Odzuck, Royden Rabinowitch, Chiharu Shiota, Song Dong


In the entrance gallery the labyrinth research archive amassed by lawyer and art historian Hermann Kern can be seen.


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