Lucie Marsmann: Postkarten, aus der Serie ULLA & WILLI, Archiv Alto Adige, 1968–2016


Tracing Traces
27.01. – 05.05.2019


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With the exhibition “OWL5 – Tracing Traces”, Marta Herford presents for the fifth time the work of artists with a biographical reference to Ostwestfa-len-Lippe (OWL). In pursuit of the theme of “Tracing Traces”, these artists explore places of origin and of refuge, stations of desire, or spaces that exist only in the imagination.


People, but also things, leave traces at places that, as subliminal relics of the times and deliberate markings, can tell stories of identity, of the familiar and the strange. The exhibition “OWL5 – Tracing Traces” places the focus on the works of artists who are regionally rooted but active well beyond these boundaries and who, in entirely different ways, address the major themes such as home, identity, borders and memory. They have created a multi-facetted range of works that are replete with real and fictitious narratives.



Dominik Halmer, Claude Horstmann, Karsten Kronas, Sara-Lena Maierhofer, Lucie Marsmann, Johanna Reich, Gary Schlingheider, Hamid Sulaiman, Anna Wachsmuth


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