Nezaket Ekici: Lifting a Secret, seit 2007, Installation Marta Herford 2011

Nezaket Ekici
Personal Map (to be continued …)
An exhibition within the framework of the project “Powerhouse Depot”

08.10.2011 –

The performance artist Nezaket Ekici spreads out her own personal world map: her intensive works tell a story of the persistent questioning of cultural identity, gender roles and globalisation.


The “art nomad” Nezaket Ekici seems to have travelling in her blood: born in 1970 in Turkey, she emigrated with her family to Germany at the age of three. Later she moved to serve her apprenticeship from Duisburg to Munich, and then for her studies to Braunschweig. Since then she has travelled on three continents, in more than 30 countries and more than 100 cities with over 120 performances. She also regularly participates in exhibitions at home and abroad with films and installations.

In her first major museum exhibition Nezaket Ekici shows a selection of her works precisely conceived for specific locations which developed within the framework of her worldwide artistic work over ten years. There are also some projects which were created especially for the exhibition. A key question of the exhibition: How can performance art, which is distinguished specifically by its uniqueness and the presence of the artist, be shown in a museum, let alone collected? Marta Herford illuminates the diverse options for the presence and the presentation of this time-specific art.

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