Luigi Colani, Poly-COR, 1968, Kunststoffschlaufenstuhl für COR in der FIrmenausstellung

Luigi Colani – Shapes of the Future

01.12.2024 –

In an exhibition about Luigi Colani (*1928 in Berlin, † 2019 in Karlsruhe), Marta Herford traces the footsteps of an innovative designer and explores the question of how design shapes our everyday lives.

With his streamlined designs, Colani went against the design trends of his time. What may seem playful and eccentric is the result of his approach to biodesign: inspired by nature, highly functional and designed for optimal interaction with the human body.

Colani lived in East Westphalia in the 1960s and 70s and designed here for well-known companies in the kitchen and furniture industry – from practical everyday objects to exclusive designs. The regional reference will play a special role in the exhibition: part of the exhibition will be interactively expanded with objects from the designer’s private households.

Guest curator team

Tobias Henschen and Julian Puszcz (Designbüro Zweieckig), Prof. Tim Brauns (TH OWL)

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