Schablonenarbeit von Argus

First International Street Art Festival in Herford

13.06.2013 –

Initiated by the Museum Marta Herford, during the 33rd International Hanseatic Day street artists from 17 Hanseatic cities will create works of art in Herford’s city centre before the eyes of the spectators.


In terms of theme, the festival refers to the exhibition “Visions – Atmospheres of Change” which will run parallel in the Marta Herford. The municipal space will thus become an extended laboratory of ideas and simultaneously a living stage for graffiti artists from all over Europe.



ARGUS (Bergen/NO), SHADESHAPE (Bergen/NO), STROOK (Bruges/BE), TUSE (Danzig/PL), Jeroen Diepenmaat (Deventer/NL), SANEK (Greifswald/DE), Malik Heilmann (Herford/DE), Marta Rozej + Denis Fiedler (Herford/DE), Ben Stewart (King’s Lynn/UK), El Peon (La Rochelle/FR), Sebastian Boldt + Andrea Köster (Lübeck/DE), PUSA (Pärnu/EE), Dace Pudane (Riga/LV), Haninga Thiel + Uta Helene Götz (Salzwedel/DE), Korab Visoka (Stade/DE), Uku Sepsivart (Viljandi/EE), Eva Bergenwall (Visby/SE), Maria Aksentiewa + Anton Loginow (Veliki Novgorod/RU)


Special Guest

As a special contribution, Marta Herford has invited the well-known, internationally acclaimed street artist DAIM from Hamburg. He will be realizing a spectacular work: on the gigantic facade of the Marta Depot he will create a grandiose piece in his typical 3D style.


Follow it live

Throughout the festival, current images and commentaries will be continuously posted on Twitter and Facebook:


You are the catalogue!

All visitors are invited to become part of the festival and to upload their photos, comments and other reactions onto Facebook and Twitter. After the festival the information will be published in an extensive online catalogue.

From countless mailed and uploaded photos and from the many comments on Facebook and Twitter, by e-mail and in conversation, we have put together a living catalogue of what happened in Herford in Summer 2013, some of which can still be seen. Download link at the beginning of the page.