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Guillaume Bruère
GIOM Millipede
26.08. – 04.11.2012

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In his first major museum exhibition, French graphic artist, painter, sculptor and performance artist Guillaume Bruère will be providing an insight into his diverse activities.


The young French graphic artist Guillaume Bruère is a truly exceptional artist with a grandiose oeuvre. Marta Herford is organising a double exhibition of his work with the Municipal Gallery of Backnang. In his first major museum presentation, the French graphic artist, painter, sculptor and performance artist Guillaume Bruère provides some insights into his multi-facetted work.

Guillaume Bruère (born 1976 in Châtellerault/Poitou-Charentes, living and working in Berlin) is an exceptional artist in many different respects. When we look at his practically exploding work, we are fascinated, above all, by the diversity of styles, the variety of colours and the contradictory nature of the motifs. With a highly sensitive antenna, he allows images of the day and the night to merge into each other. He uses drawing, painting, sawing, gluing, sketching as well as performance to transfer these impressions into new, artistic existences.

Thus GIOM, as Bruère signs his works, slips again and again into the classical role of the copier, when he sits in the major European museums translating famous pictures into vibrating, energy-charged drawings. But then the motifs develop a highly irritating life of their own, become mirrors of looks and emotions, reflecting the living experience of a very personal encounter with the original.

Whether in these countless drawings, his reliefs or “saw-cuts”, again and again Bruère opens up a very personal, almost childish world of symbols which – somewhere between traditional coats of arms, puzzling portraits and trendy poster motifs – draws the viewer into its spell. What emerges is a mysterious world of lines and colours that launches the observer on a fascinating visual journey.

A Marta Herford project in cooperation with Galerie der Stadt Backnang (22. September – 18. November 2012).


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