Picture: Brigitte Waldach, Gewalt, 2013, Museum Marta Herford, Raumzeichnung mit 6-Kanal Sound, photo: Bernd Borchardt

Brigitte Waldach
Marta Award by the Wemhöner Foundation
20.09.20 – 17.01.21

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The Berlin artist, Brigitte Waldach, has been awarded the Marta Award by the Wemhöner Foundation 2020. In her large-format drawings and walk-in, spatial constructs, texts and sounds play an important role.


With lines and words she explores intellectual and literary connection. Her pictorial text bubbles, spatial drawings and sound installations repeatedly engage intensively with German history. The artist succeeds in creating powerful constellations and enlightening association fields which are both sensual and mental challenges at the same time.

On the occasion of the Marta Award, a new work is created for the Marta collection which is presented to the public for the first time within the framework of a major prize-winner exhibition. The prize award ceremony will then take place at the exhibition opening.

The Wemhöner Foundation funds this biannual prize with Euro 25,000. The previous prize-winners are the duo Heike Mutter / Ulrich Genth (2014), Simon Wachsmuth (2016) and Peter Wächtler (2018).


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