Anders Petersen: Close Distance, 2002 (Detail) © Anders Petersen, Courtesy Galerie VU’, BnF, Estampes et photographie

Anders Petersen: Close Distance, 2002 (Detail)

Anders Petersen
04.12.16 – 12.03.17


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Swedish photographer Anders Petersen (born 1944) is undoubtedly among the most influential of his generation worldwide.


It was early in his career that he became interested in the milieus on the fringes of society: prisons, psychiatric institutions, red-light districts, care homes. He achieved cult status in the 1960s with his black-and-white portraits of social outsiders on Hamburg’s Reeperbahn, and even today his powerful photographic essays exude a restless energy and an almost lyrical tone.

This continues into the present, as his latest group of works, including “City Diary” (2012) and “Rome” (2012), are testimony to the photographer’s empathetic view of his subject. His images are filled with respect for the other person, their aggressions as much as their longings. “I seek a relationship with the people I photograph. And that has a lot to do with desire, with dreams and secrets. Perhaps also with our nightmares and fears.” (Anders Petersen)

The exhibition was developed in cooperation with the Bibliothèque nationale de France, Fotografiska Museet in Stockholm and Galerie Vu’ in Paris.


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