7th RecyclingDesignAward Outstanding ideas

06.09.2015 –

For the seventh time now, the Recycling Design Prize is dedicated to the latest developments in the field of sustainable design. Original new uses for long-spent objects or the narrative charm of used surfaces – in the search for the “hidden meaning of discarded things” there are no limits to the ideas.

From 1 November 2014 to 30 June 2015, designers from all over the world can submit their designs, which will then be selected by an international jury for the exhibition. The prizes will be awarded to the winners within the framework of the opening. For the first time the amount of € 4,000 will be awarded: 2,500 euros for the best design, € 1,000 for the second and € 500 for the third prize. After its premiere in Herford, the exhibition will be going on a world tour. The association Arbeitskreis Recycling e.V. Herford is responsible for the project.

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Many thanks to the Marta Herford Corporate Partners and Corporate Premium Partners as well as the Marta Fund for New Art for their ongoing support of our program.