6th RecyclingDesignAward

6th RecyclingDesignAward
Outstanding Ideas

08.09.2013 –

For the sixth time now, the Recycling Design Prize is dedicated to the latest developments in the field of sustainable design, and is presenting the prize-winning and outstanding ideas in an extremely diverse exhibition.


From a drum kit made of pots, plates and buckets, to furniture made from old escalator steps, right up to a bamboo bicycle: this shows just some of the diversity of the submissions to the Recycling Design Prize 2013. The materials could hardly be more unusual: there is a “debt shirt” made of old bank statements, filigree objects of eggshell or a biodegradable animal coffin among other things, made of coffee grounds.

The winner of the Euro 2,500 prize this time round is Henry Baumann (Hamburg) for his project “130”, an ensemble of bench, lamp and table made from old fruit boxes. For her project “recycling set, tableware“, a dinner service of old glass bottles, the jury awarded second place to Daria Wartalska (Poland). The third place shows a lot of sustainable potential: the mobile hydroelectric power station “Rotor”, developed by Markus Heinsdorff, Dr. eng. Christoph Rapp and Andreas Zeiselmair, that generates electric current with the aid of a tractor tyre and a bicycle dynamo.

It is well worth taking a look at the cabinet with the results of the Recycling Design Prize for schools. This features, for example, a grill made from an oil barrel and washing machine parts, as well as a collection of clothes with sewn-in tie elements.

More than 6,000 designers from 16 different countries made submissions for the preliminary selection. After their premiere in Herford, the best designs will travel on to other exhibition venues in Germany and abroad. The association Arbeitskreis Recycling e.V. Herford is responsible for the project.



Jens-Oliver Bahr, Henry Baumann, Roswitha Berger-Gentsch, Matthias Blindow, Johann Boltz, Ulrike Böttcher, Evelyn Bracklow, Stefan Brüning, Sebastian Demmer, Christine Dijks, Iris Durot, Nina Eigenmann, Friederike Fellmer, Hannes Fleckstein, Katell Gelebart, Barbara Hattrup, Markus Heinsdorff, Michael Hensel, Katja Hettler, Dennis Janzen, Laura Jungmann, Michael Kapfer, Louise Knoppert, Yvonne Köster, Levent Kunt, Viktoria Lepeschko, Kristina Loentz-Fickinger, David Lohaus, Claudia Moeller, Eduard Muther, Christian Frank Müller, Monika Nickel, Amanda Österlin La Mont, Ariane Prin, Christoph Rapp, Cornelius Réer, Denis Rockmann, Axel Rohmer, Tobias Rudolph, Swetlana Schmidt, Jan Schönborn, Christian Seifert, Angéla Thiesz, Jula Tüllman, Daniel Vogel-Essex, Daria Wartalska, Andreas Zehnsdorf, Andreas Zeiselmair

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