The kupferbar in Marta

The kupferbar was named after the shimmering copper façade adorning both its gallery and the bar. In addition to its stunning architecture, another factor contributing to the café’s unique atmosphere is its location on the serene River Aa.

The kupferbar is positioned at the rear of the museum. Its amazing interior height is further enhanced by the unobstructed view of the exposed ceiling. This is the only part of the building designed by Frank Gehry where the metal supporting structure is visible. Meanwhile, the large, glazed front provides an expansive vista of the riverbank.

The restaurant terrace is especially popular in summer. Diners sit directly above the river, making for an ideal setting for relaxed conversation.

The copper-clad gallery features seating designed by Frank Gehry himself as well as the secluded Gehry Lounge. Civil weddings can be held here, and the happy couple can be toasted immediately afterwards in the Kupferbar café. To inquire about hiring the kupferbar, just get in touch with us.

Unfortunately, the kupferbar is currently closed until further notice. The Melitta coffee bar in the Marta lobby is open on weekends and public holidays.

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