A Hunter’s Story

Robert Devriendt

A Hunter’s Story

16 August – 28 September 2008, Marta Herford (Lippold gallery, 1st floor)

Born in Brugge in 1955 Robert Devriendt is currently one of the most interesting Belgian painters. His pictures are mostly series of extreme small sizes, composing open stories as associative series.

Pictures harbour secrets. They “tell” us how they create individual worlds within the world of art. They also show us how we, the observers, respond to these “self-made creations”. Pictures are more than mere effigies – they are images in their own right. Seen in this light, they express some of the magic which enables a picture to materialise on the screen of its surface thus unfurling illusions as in a film.

“A Hunter’s Story”(2008) – the title of the exhibition showing at MARTa Herford is full of allusions. Does it refer to art’s hunt for its own aesthetic effects, that is for unfettered life with all its passions, and for pictorial surfaces with their finesse? Either way, the artist sets the stage for a pictorial world en miniature which reveals as much as it conceals and leaves as much in the background as is not shown. If the artist is the hunter here, who is his prey?

A puzzle made up of stories and multiple truths within images unfolds before the observer’s eye …


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