Andrea Grützner: Tanztee, 2012-2015 (Detail)



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This is Marta Herford’s fourth exhibition of works by artists with personal links to the region of Ostwestfalen-Lippe (OWL) – yet whose potential extends far beyond …


In biology, antagonists are muscles that counteract the movement caused by another muscle in order to bring about controlled motion. In art, antagonists use counteraction to stimulate the mind by presenting themselves as adversaries and playful counterparts – directly by means of intimate portraits or indirectly using provocation and proposals.

Considering the photographs, paintings, installations, videos and body-based performances displayed at the exhibition ‘OWL4 – Antagonists’ will prompt visitors to consolidate their own positions between fear of the other and self-reflection.



Renke Brandt, Hans Breder, Jacqueline Doyen, Andrea Grützner, Seha Ritter, Britta Thie, Isabelle Wenzel, Michael Weißköppel, Suse Wiegand


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