Jamie Isenstein: The Eyehole, 2006

Abbildung von Jamie Isensteins "The Eyehole" aus der Marta-Ausstellung Scham

The Inner Skin
Art and Shame
04.03. – 04.06.17


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Hardly any other emotion has such a profound effect on the person concerned as shame: our face turns red, we become lost for words, or would simply love to sink into the ground.


Despite all the cultural differences, shame still affects almost every individual. Indeed, given the broad dissemination of nude images in the media, the subject appears more topical than ever. But can we actually diagnose a lowering of the shame threshold, or are we, on the contrary, observing an escalation of tabooisation? With humorous but also sensitive and moving contributions, the exhibition explores this familiar but inscrutable phenomenon.



Ulf Aminde, Louise Bourgeois, Michaël Borremans, Miriam Cahn, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Rineke Dijkstra, Albrecht Dürer, Bruce Gilden, Jamie Isenstein, Eva Kotátková, Boris Mikhailov, Shahryar Nashat, Yoko Ono, Jon Pylypchuk, Bojan Šarčević, Santiago Sierra, Jürgen Teller, Stefanie Trojan, Gillian Wearing, Erwin Wurm u.a.


Guided tours

Regularly Sa and Su at noon and 3 pm
Special tour with the curators Tu 07.03., 04.04. and 02.05., at 4 pm
Last views with Artistic Director Roland Nachtigäller Su 04.06. at 3 pm
Ticket 2,50 Euro plus entry fee, no registration necessary, 25 persons max.


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